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Plaskett's Star

Plaskett's Star or HD 47129 is a narrow double of two blue supergiants beyond their main-sequence stadium. Both have strong stellar winds which collide in the middle and produce a cloud around the stars.
Interestingly the smaller one (A) is optically brighter, probably because much light of the bigger one is absorbed by the cloud.

Constellation: Monoceros
Distance: 6600 light-years
Space between Plaskett A and B: 0.5 AU
Orbit period of Plaskett A and B: 14.40 days

Plaskett A

Spectral class: O8
Luminosity: 372 000 * Sun
Mass: 43 * Sun
Diameter: 14 * Sun

Plaskett B

Spectral class: O8
Luminosity: 630 000 * Sun
Mass: 51 * Sun
Diameter: 21 * Sun

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    Plaskett's Star
Photo: ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey

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