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NGC 3603 A1

A1 is the brightest and heaviest star in the immediate center of the big stellar cluster NGC 3603. This blue double star has already reached the spectrum of a Wolf-Rayet star, but probably isn't one yet.
Other members of the cluster are HD 97950 and Sher 25.

Constellation: Carina
Age: 1 million years
Distance: 20 000 light-years
Spectral class: WN6ha
Visual magnitude: 11.90
Orbit period of A1a and A1b: 3.7724 days


Mass: 114 * Sun


Mass: 84 * Sun

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    NGC 3603
The center of NGC 3603. The bright star on the upper left is Sher 25.
Photo: NASA/ ESA/ STScI/Aura (The hubble heritage team)

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