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HD 206267A

This triple of heavy blue stars lies in the star forming region IC 1396 and is a neighbor of HD 239710. It shows us clearly, which harm O stars can do to their environment. Their stellar wind blows away protoplanetary dust disks of nearby smaller stars and so prevents the formation of planets. This is what happens now to the star 2MASSJ21385699+5730455, visible in the lower part of the picture, whose dust disk says farewell in a tail. The two stars are at least one light-year away from each other.

Constellation: Cepheus
Age: 3 million years
Distance: 2450 light-years
Visual magnitude: 5.62
Orbit period of HD 206267A1 and HD 206267A2: 3.7 days

HD 206267A1

Spectral class: O5
Mass: 23 * Sun

HD 206267A2

Spectral class: B1
Mass: 15.3 * Sun

HD 206267A3

Spectral class: O8

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    HD 206267A and 2MASSJ21385699+5730455 in IC1396
HD 206267A and 2MASSJ21385699+5730455 in IC1396
Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Z. Balog (Univ. of Ariz./Univ. of Szeged)

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