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A pair of a red supergiant and a blue star. The bigger red is not round, but egg-shaped. And it pulsates irregularly.
Antares is surrounded by a nebula which has been outcast by star A. This is an evidence that Antares A draws near to the end of its life.

Constellation: Scorpius
Distance: 604 light-years
Radial velocity: -1.4 km/sec
Space between Antares A and B: 450 AU
Orbit period of Antares A and B: 878 years

Antares A

Spectral class: M1
Visual magnitude: 1.20
Luminosity: 90 000 * Sun
Mass: 12 * Sun
Diameter: 796 * Sun

Antares B

Spectral class: B4
Visual magnitude: 5.50
Luminosity: 188 * Sun
Mass: 3 * Sun

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Antares is at the upper left, the blue one is Rho Ophiuchi, down in the red is Sigma Scorpii.
Photo: Anglo-Australian Observatory/Royal Obs. Edinburgh

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